Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket”

Sanctimonious. That is the word used by the gossip blog Gawker to frame Patagonia’s ad campaign this past Dark Friday (Black Friday to most of you). I will let you read the piece on your own along with the other accompanying links so you can form your own opinion or at the very least inform yourself as to who Patagonia is and how they might be received.

My only comments are these:

  • Coming from a self-professed “hopeful cynic”, at what point do you simply decide to believe in/focus on the goodness of something? Are we that afraid of being deceived? Are we so concerned that we could be associated with something that is not 100% perfect or sincere?
  • Here is where my patience gets a bit thin: Do not refer to something as “sanctimonious” just because it wishes to elevate your mind or condition. Consider that where you are at is not what is “best” for yourself or for others.
  • I hate that environmental concern is qualified as “liberal”.
  • While it might be a great marketing tool for a product that has often been called pricey (and it is), the bottom line is that in my experience the quality is stellar so your total cost of ownership ends up costing you less. If a company promotes not spending on its products how does that help their overall profit margin? They are basically telling you to buy when you need not when you want (more on that below).
  • While it is easy to compare who does more for any cause, that someone is doing something is a great start. I am not living in an eco-house or driving an electric car. I am not in a financial state to live up to my own standards. Does that make us all, to a degree, hypocrites? It does not, and do not let any one tell you otherwise. You are not putting on a “false impression” if you are simply trying to do your best.

Digging Beneath Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” Campaign

OH Brother Patagonia Just Give Us a Break From This Sanctimonious Crap

Don’t Buy This Unless You Need It

Ad of the Day: Patagonia

Patagonia blog about the campaign


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