About this blog

My blog initially existed as an effort to promote charitable work through an organization my friend Chris and I started: Change-Can. We had a small degree of success, but life/family/work impacted our cross-state goals. In an effort to keep my mind active I shared quotes/people (Two Tuesday Quotes), wrote opinion pieces and shared material from others. My passion for the outdoors stepped up (due in part to Brian Greene’s Backpacking Blog), but lacking time and location to hit the trails the opportunities were limited. Needless to say the lack of discipline, and an actual plan, pulled me away from something I felt was important.

This past January I trusted myself enough to enter graduate school at my alma matter the University of North Florida. A philosophy undergraduate, I am hoping to achieve my goal of earning a masters degree in practical philosophy and applied ethics.

Most, if not all, of my attempts to keep my mind sharp through critical dialogue has occurred on Facebook. While this has served to satisfy the need, it has not done so in a mutually productive fashion. Being again immersed in an academic setting reminded me how important it is to spend time elaborating on thoughts. While casual conversation on a social networking site might allow for a dialogue, investigating the depths of an issue/idea might require more consideration.

With that in mind I plan to share concepts taught in my graduate studies, current events and general philosophical observations. These topics will include, but are not exclusive to, society, environment, religion, historical and education. The end goal is to become a better philosopher through self-investigation, and learning from the thoughts of others.

Whenever I can get on the water, or on trail, that will be shared as well.

And in honor of my wife to not take it all so seriously. She like me better when I am “doing philosophy with a smile”. I think she wants me to be Bill Hicks or Jon Stewart. If only.

“A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.” – Wittgenstein

If you see a photograph on this site you like please ask before you use it. Unless otherwise noted these are property of Iambwf, and while we appreciate your interest in our images we require approval to do so.


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