Gleaning the Farms and Other Items

For anyone who is interested, I have contacted SoSA (Society of St. Andrews) to volunteer time in the farms of Florida, gleaning food for the hungry. This is a group that works in a good number of other states (here). If you are at all interested in spending time to help let me know. When they contact me with availability I will share it on the site.

With South Carolina being another state to glean in I will probably be requesting times there as well.

A few other projects being worked on are below. As you can read, Chris is very busy.

  • I have sent out an email to some friends I think can offer their services or direct me to ones who can for a chili cookofff I would like to host in December. Proceeds would go towards the Second Harvest of North Florida and the West Chatham Food Pantry. My plan is to ask for a $5 donation and 5 cans of food. The food collected will go directly to Second Harvest. My first order of business is to get some chefs. Let me know if you can help.
  • I am trying to frame a Pop Warner Scholarship Fund so we can help pay for at least one child to play Pop Warner Football. Listening to Fred Taylor’s retirement speech today, where he spoke of his grandmother scraping together $60 for him to play, has further inspired me that this will be a worthy effort.
  • Chris is working to coordinate a food drive at Wake Technical Community College with other like-minded campus groups.
  • Chris is working to coordinate an event for Veterans Day. This could include acquiring a flag that has been flown over the state capital and presenting it to the oldest living veteran in North Carolina.
  • Chris is working to set up a $500 scholarship fund on Wake’s campus.

The $1 Facebook Friend Fund never got off the ground and with Chris now off Facebook I am carrying the standard. I know the one-click donation link will help (or I hope it will) and it has not been forgotten. Also, please don’t forget to keep those BoxTops. Remember, I will come and get them.


Do Not Waste the Opportunity: Boxtops

Boxtops4Education is an easy way to help your local schools. This effort serves to allow schools to obtain resources through basic consumer purchases. It may not be a component of your decision as you go to and from the local grocer or other establishment but if deciding between two items why not purchase the one that can give beyond the purchase itself?

And what if you are already buying items with boxtops: why would you throw them away?

I would like to offer my services to you. If you live in the Jacksonville area I will pick them up. Simply cut them off the product package and store them in a convenient place. Monthly or bi-monthly I will swing buy and take them off your hands.

Live out of state? Mail them to me once a month and I will refund your postage?

It might require a small behavioral change being that packages will need to be inspected prior to tossing them (and they are going in the recycle bin if appropriate, right?) but once you become accustomed to it  you will do it without thinking.

Contact me with any questions and pass along this offer. It is such an easy way to improve the life of children and hopefully play a role in building a better educational system.