A January Weekend at South Carolina’s Mountain Bridge – The Inspiration


Last December I took my dog Roxy on a road trip. My destination was roughly unknown but the original idea was to spend time around Springer Mountain, the southern start of the Appalachian Trial, or the mountains near Asheville, NC. As my wife can attest to I love taking alternate routes or changing the agenda on a moments notice. Being with only a dog finally allowed me that level of freedom so with that spirit as my guide I took I-95 into South Carolina, stopped by Charleston, SC, ate a great hot dog with Jeff Wheeler at Perfectly Frank’s and opted to take his advise on hiking.

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People You Should Know

I had an interesting discussion on Twitter with @JWWalls a week ago regarding this tweet:

I have never been comfortable taking pictures with or getting autographs of “celebrities”. For proof, ask Chris Gandy how awkward I behaved when meeting all the guys from Toad the Wet Sprocket. For lack of a better term I am socially retarded when it comes to knowing what to say or simply how to behave. The burden of “knowing” them collides with them not “knowing” me and it is all down hill from there.

This sentiment comes from a place through which the person is seen not by what they do but who they are at ground level: another pilgrim.

For years I have preached that everyone has a story that deserves to be told. Over the past few months I have spoken with three people who I feel have lives which are inspirational and deserving of recognition. They are not soldiers returning from battle, civil servants risking their lives on a daily basis nor are they performing on a stage both grand and bright. Rather they are people who fail to allow fear to impose its will upon them. My hope is that through you will see a simple strength to Be.

I have complete faith there will be more stories to tell beyond these three, but until then look for pieces on Philip Hughes, Chris Gandy and Neil Griffin.