My friend Josh shared this image through Facebook. Josh is an amazing person. Funny, artistic, insightful and caring. I just wanted to add that because hopefully anyone who reads this has a Josh that inspires them to be better than they presently are.

With respect to the image, I strongly believe we should enjoy the products of our labor. We should allow ourselves, our family and our friends certain comforts. It is what we strive for. It is what we want for others. I share this image because it speaks to what we value. While we all may not be guilty to this extreme, and some may not consider guilt an appropriate word, there are times in which we could make better choices with what we exchange for our labor and time.

The greater challenge is to not become apathetic or indifferent to it. To not stop believing that changing for one is somehow diminished because we cannot change for more. It has to start somewhere.


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