Gleaning: Saturday the 10th of December

I received this email from Sandi Newman, area coordinator for Society of St. Andrews:

The Gleaning on Saturday is at Grove House, 2940 Claire Lane. This is a private home for developmentally challenged individuals and looks like a residential home. There is a circular drive in front of the house but we cannot park there. The best place to park is along the road across the street from the home, on Clairboro Rd. E. then walk across Claire Lane to the home. There is a path that leads along the left side of the house to the backyard and the grove of trees. Your son’s friends would be welcome to come. Citrus sometimes has spines on the branches so I recommend wearing garden gloves for protection. If you have any hand clippers or limb loppers, long-handled pruning tools, it would be helpful to bring them.
If you can bring boxes, preferably banana boxes or other strong structural boxes, that would also be helpful. Otherwise we pack in plastic grocery bags. I would also suggest bringing bottled water.
We will meet at 8:30 and usually work about 4 hours but you can leave any time you need to.

The weather in NE Florida will be crisp, perfect for a morning in the grove. So far I have no takers but the seeds have been planted (no pun intended) for future endeavors.


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