More Effort…More Donations…Better Life

I want you to watch this video, courtesy of Spartan Race, before reading further. Pay close attention to the men in military gear.

I am a recreational athlete, and athlete is a stretch. The words expressed in that video resonate. They remind me of what I want and how I am not giving enough of myself to get it. I love sleep more than I love success. I do not want it as bad as I want to breathe.

So I make time to remind myself.

Fall will be a very active season for me. After finishing my first Tough Mudder earlier this year I went a bit crazy registered for as many events as possible. While Tough Mudder promotes itself as the “Toughest event on the planet” it can be completed by one with even a semblance of fitness, although your time will be considerably longer than you might want to give. The list is:

  • October 19th – Savage Race in Orlando
  • November 2nd – Tough Mudder in Tampa
  • November 10th – XTERRA Trail Run in Pelham, AL
  • November 16th – Run for Your Lives in Tampa

I would be remiss not to include the MS150 on the final weekend of September.

These endurance events are great community gatherings. While attending a football game, tailgating, gaming or just sitting around the house is fine there is something special about pushing your physical and mental limits with friends, family and strangers. For a fee (some small, some large) the mind and body are challenged in ways one might rarely get to experience. If you think you cannot do it you are probably wrong. Of course that assumes there is not some medical reason limiting you.

After November 16th I will be into double digits with respect to these events. Completing the Tough Mudder with my son ranks as one of my top life memories and once again he will be my running mate. An added benefit of that earlier Mudder were brining along my friends James and Chuck as well as meeting up with an old high school friend who was running with his wife, daughter and her fiancée. We reflected after the event just how special it was to be there for each other as we tackled obstacle after obstacle.

Think of it as experiencing just a small amount of good in the world. Now imagine doing it while a man wearing a superman outfit with only one leg kicks your ass.

And this leads to the supreme reason to do it: the charity. Some events require you to raise money, others suggest it while others simply take allocate their profits to specific organizations. These are what my upcoming events do on the service side.


Pretty much speaks for itself. The reason we ride is to raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis. Feel like help me out, here is a link to my donation page.

Savage Race

We are not required to raise money but this is who they help:

We work with many different charitable organizations and community groups. We have made significant contributions to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Autism Speaks, BASE Camp Childhood Cancer Foundation, Cambrian Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Tough Mudder

They proudly support the Wounded Warrior Project.  You will see representatives of our armed services at this and many other endurance events. It is motivational and reminds you to be grateful and giving.

Feel like helping me raise money for this cause, see this link to my donation page.

Run for Your Lives

Yes, this is more than just a zombie run. The official charitable partner for this event is the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Run for Your Lives is a one-of-a-kind 5k obstacle course race where you run, jump, and climb your way to the finish—all while being chased by…zombies? But don’t just run for your lives, run for their lives—kids battling brain injuries and disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

At Kennedy Krieger, our sole focus is on the problems and injuries affecting a child’s developing brain. For decades, our dedicated researchers, physicians, therapists and educators have been helping children with brain injuries and disorders across the nation on their road to recovery.

Through your support, Kennedy Krieger is able to provide groundbreaking research and critically needed care for children like RohanGemma and GraemeMatthew, and thousands of others battling brain injuries and disorders nationwide.

Find out about this great organization here.

The XTERRA Trail Run is a nice 1/2 marathon run through beautiful Oak Mountain with my friend Brian. He is far faster but it is always good to see him and you cannot beat being on trail.

Most endurance events will be in the 5k range so do not be intimidated by the longer ones. Go to your favorite browser and search for mud runs in your area. Now get out there!

And I will be running Spartan Race in 2014.


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