One Can Down

One can filled: new can in progress. I have a photo of Chris’ 3 cans that I will share soon. Matt Lemine told me he filled one before he left to FSU and I know another friend is working his in secret (though I believe he is using mason jars). Thanks to everyone who is redefining the can or simply expanding its function.

Some reminders for you:

1. Would love any stories so I can pen them, or rather type them up for the site.
2. Volunteer activity or donation opportunities…let us have them.
3. Boxtops for education: I will come and get them. Don’t throw them away.
4. Fitness opportunities are coming up. Keep your schedule open for the Be Her Freedom Run.
5. Help someone grow something.
6. Have a favorite outdoor activity or place to get away (trail, water, hill, business, etc) let us know.

Don’t assume someone else is getting it done. We don’t have to be original, just an effective part of the collective.


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