A Quick Shot

This link was shared on Facebook. It is for a group called JCP “CARES”.  It is a collection of residents in the Julington Creek Plantation. I wanted to share what I interpret as their mission statement though a much shorter version appears on the home page. This is actually from the “How we are helping others” section of their page.

JCP “CARES” provides assistance to local charities and those in need through donations and time.  We divide our charity efforts into four different  categories; Animals & Environment, Senior & Medical, Children, and Homeless & Abused.  We focus on one specific group from each one of these categories throughout the year.  For the last three years we have also done a “Giving Tree” to help all of our local charities during the holidays.  JCP “CARES”  also has a Crisis Team to assist those affected by fire, natural disaster or other emergencies.

The specific link was related to their work for migrant farm workers.

The overwhelming nature of what needs to be done is frequently relieved by what is being done. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing this.


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