Clear Sky Friday – Seeing Good 31/01

How many out there follow British/English Premier League Soccer? A few years ago, at a point when the business machine of college and professional football here in the United States was beginning to disgust me, I turned my attention across the pond. While not a life long passionate soccer fan, I am a dedicated World Cup viewer. When the Summer Olympics came to Atlanta the one ticket I had to get was a men’s soccer match, and we were doubly rewarded. We were there when Nigeria defeated Brazil on their way to Olympic gold. Upon leaving the stadium the crowd was informed that tickets still remained for the women’s gold medal match between the U.S. and China: So we grabbed two and witnessed history.

Wanting something different, while knowing that British soccer is not distinct from other sports institutions, I researched teams and decided Newcastle United would be my club. It is relatively close to where my family hails from, Fulford, and the fan base is a passionate bunch with a rich history. Deciding I also wanted to cheer for an American player I added Everton to my small pantheon being that Tim Howard is their man between the pipes.

Two weekends of Derby play saw Newcastle lose to Sunderland 0-3, making this a sweep for the season in which the Magpies were shut down 0-6.  Last week saw Everton lose their Derby match to Liverpool 0-4.

Tough week.

But it is just sports, something that is more a respite than foundation. A news story that put that in context was one the Today Show highlighted yesterday. It told the story of Sam Polk, a once greedy Wall Street success story who dropped that life because he realized it was destructive. You can read about it here.

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Toad the Wet Sprocket – My Setlist

In honor of the pending Toad the Wet Sprocket show at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall along with the release of their new cd New Constellation I decided to consider what my perfect setlist would be if the band asked. Like any fan the easy answer would be “the entire catalog no matter how long it took” but in keeping with reality (because being asked to create a setlist qualifies as such) the number of songs will be consistent with their standard concert offering but not exact. In other words I had to add one more beyond the limit.

The way it worked out it is not too far off what they might be playing. While the obscure songs have an appeal the truth is their more popular songs have always played well live and there is something to be said of the crowd singing “Walk on the Ocean” and “All I Want” in unison. And as staples, you have to hear “Windmills” and “Fall Down”.

Fellow fans, share your thoughts.

1. New Constellation

2. Brother

3. Is it for Me?

4. I’ll Bet on You

5. I Think About

6. Rings

7. One Little Girl

8. Stupid

9. California Wasted

10. Get What You Want

11. Whatever I Fear

12. Windmills

13. Little Heaven

14. So Alive

15. All I Want

16. Crowing

17. Fall Down


18. The Moment

19. Enough

20. Humble/Know Me

21. Walk on the Ocean

22. Throw it All Away