Two Tuesday Quotes: Friends and Family

While sharing quotes and historical information on figures either known or obscure allows for the edification of myself and all who read, sometimes those close to you offer great words of wisdom. It might be that on first read some quotes appear too narrow and personal to find any existential meaning. It also might be the case that they are only listed because I find them funny. However, upon reflection my hope is that you will gather some depth from all of them, serious or otherwise.

You know when your childhood is gone? When your parents stop carrying you to your bed after you fall asleep on the couch.

my daughter

The only thing I hate worse than a liar is one who plays me for a fool.

– Marie Hardway

Why make a Gingerbread Village when you can make a Gingerbread Village of the Damned instead?

– Wade Baugher

In case anyone was wondering, a die cast matchbox car heaved at ones gonads stings just a bit.

– Bryan Capps

Jesus is coming back. He forgot his sandals.

– “Offensive” Chris Blackburn

That awkward momen in class where you ruthlessly battle with a classmate only to realize that you don’t understand the original concept at hand.

– Nelson Cowan

When are we drinking? We need it.

– Lindsay Curry

Sometimes, the choice: do you want to be right or do you want to be kind?

– Josh McTiernan

Where is the other Brian? The one that isn’t trying to piss me off.

– my wife


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