Making Christmas Real: Clara White Mission Families

The Clara White Mission is a great charitable organization which does more than just offer solace. They offer vocational training to help people help themselves out of their condition by giving something money cannot buy: Integrity and self-worth. It has been our privilege to be even a small part of their continuing work in Jacksonville, FL.

My wife, who coordinates this every year, sent out her official email detailing the three families that are in need of a Christmas miracle. Is miracle too strong? Maybe, but for those of us for whom life has not been as difficult (regardless of fault) it might be near impossible to fathom a season absent  of hope. A gift from a stranger speaks to something greater than the gift itself and quite possibly could tilt the eyes up. A little known fact: when eyes raise they bring with them the heart, mind and spirit. Crazy how the body works!

So here is her email. Beyond anything that could be bought, gently used books also make a nice addition. Clothing is not an item that has been requested. I know many of you may already be making Christmas special for someone in need but for anyone who can help here is an opportunity. You can respond to this post or contact me via Facebook/Twitter.

I am sending this to you as a Christmas request for help for families who have so much less than most of us do. If you are able to help, please let me know.

Clara White has shared three families that are in great need for Christmas. If you would like to purchase some items we are trying to get at least two toys for each child and a $25-$50 food gift card for each family as well.  We are shopping on Wednesday afternoon at Town Center Target and delivering what we can to Clara White Mission downtown on Thursday at 1:30p.m. I would be happy to wrap any donations, if you can drop them off to my house by Wed. night.

Simpson Family

Ms. Buffy Simpson, 35 years old, single mom, 3 kids

Nicholas, boy, 8 years old

Mariah, girl, 15 years old

Tengen, girl, 12 years old

Bennett Family

Margaret and David Bennett, wife 37, husband 41 (security officer)

struggling to make ends meet, new baby in the house

Victoria, girl, 3 years old

David, boy, 7 weeks old baby

Simmons Family

Andrea Simmons, 38 yr old single mom, 3 teens

Makarri, boy, 17 years old

Alicia, girl, 15 years old

Jasmin, girl, 10 years old

If you would like to pick a particular name/age and buy for that child, that would be great.


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