Welcome to North Carolina: Any Ideas?

Thank you, North Carolina. Good to be here.

One thing I learned years ago with respect to blogging was that if one was not diligent about writing the blog would become stale. Fair to say that waiting one week before writing anything falls into the category of failing to overcome said obstacle.

However, the time has not been spent simply sitting around waiting for inspiration or the next re-run. My wife’s family had their annual beach weekend in which we celebrate her father’s birthday along with incorporating somewhat of a family reunion for the cousins in Orlando. It was an opportunity for me to talk with Lori Newberg who actively shares information regarding what she does to help in the Tampa area. Lori has been very supportive of our efforts and shares a desire both within the home and the community to look for ways to change behavior for the better.

Immediately after the weekend event was over I loaded up the car and headed to Siler City, NC to spend four days with Chris Gandy. I personally love a good road trip and you would be amazed how time flies when you have the CD player loaded full of music. Most of the Toad the Wet Sprocket catalog assumed the role of event soundtrack, appropriate and planned since Wednesday night at Cat’s Cradle will be spent enjoying the band live.

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