Two Tuesday Quotes: Watt and Iqbal

Life is definitely not a rehearsal, this is it.

Mike Watt

Nations are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

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Observing the Jaguars Ownership Change

One of the many ugly posts over at

One of the promises I made to myself was to slowly separate from writing about the Jacksonville Jaguars. While I enjoyed the editors I wrote for and for the most part the other writers, the time and effort it took to stay up with team and league happenings was too much. Even watching game tape was becoming less enjoyable as my interests moved more towards this blog, learning about charitable organizations and the simple yet wonderful responsibility of being a father and husband. However when Wayne Weaver announced that he had fired head coach Jack Del Rio and then that he sold the team to businessman Shahid Khan I found myself very engrossed in the layers of story lines that would manifest themselves.

Who would be the new coach? Would they hire from within? Would this help ticket sales for the remaining games? Would the new owner sell the team? Many, many more circled my head like swarming bees.

Yet amidst the football related story lines was the backlash against the nationality of the new owner. While many applauded the new hope for a franchise slowly falling to the bottom of the NFL power rankings, others found it necessary to offer vitriolic opinions regarding Khan’s nationality. Khan was born in Pakistan and thanks to the efforts of many to associate anyone with an Islamic background as an enemy, this served as a perfect opportunity to express disgust over the move.

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