A January Weekend at South Carolina’s Mountain Bridge – The Inspiration


Last December I took my dog Roxy on a road trip. My destination was roughly unknown but the original idea was to spend time around Springer Mountain, the southern start of the Appalachian Trial, or the mountains near Asheville, NC. As my wife can attest to I love taking alternate routes or changing the agenda on a moments notice. Being with only a dog finally allowed me that level of freedom so with that spirit as my guide I took I-95 into South Carolina, stopped by Charleston, SC, ate a great hot dog with Jeff Wheeler at Perfectly Frank’s and opted to take his advise on hiking.

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P90X Reality Check: Day 3

Back: sore

Chest: sore

Glutes: sore

Calves: sore

Thighs: sore

Abs: sore

Yes that means Day 1 (chest and back) and Day 2 (plyometics) have been completed. Tonight was shoulders and arms and no doubt tomorrow the soreness cycle will be complete. I fear legs and welcome yoga X. But my past experience discloses that by week 3 the pain will be but a memory. Tonight I started the workout by ingesting a Clif white chocolate macadamia nut granola bar pack and refueled immediately after with a nice glass of Muscle Milk.

Motivation: DRC Jax Tri series and not drowning.