On Expectations

When I wrote this week’s Jaguars Wind Sprints there was a desire to continue with the idea of putting forth a new and better mantra for how we observe games. Football might be the direct focus but obviously it is not exclusive to any sport. Entertainment in general, one for which we might find ourselves actively invested with our emotions, can find us at our best and our worst. Because of this it seems we might want to find a better balance – a more rational means by which we experience it.

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Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

Image courtesy of http://www.cbc.ca/sevenwonders/

One of the difficult things about being a cynic are those moments of beauty which, like a religious experience, cannot be explained away. The moment washes over you and even upon reflection the desire to redefine it is absent of any appeal. When this happens the cynic can only smile and appreciate the hope which on other days would escape him. How can the mirror serve as a companion after this? Has it not become a judge which silently interrogates him at every glance? The poor cynic must forget, falling back on the comfort of his doubt and turn his gaze from every reflection.

And still his friends stand their guard.

This is a small celebration of their solidarity. This is a thank you. From the hallowed walls of Facebook, my timeline reads these. Some are direct or funny while others have a history or underlying meaning which requires explanation.  For example, when you read Chris Gandy’s it must be within the context of a fellow cynic returning the cursed blessings of the abyss we call Facebook. That he returned and “friended” me was a comical sigh of relief. Wade Baugher’s is one which has a nice depth to it.

Don’t get me started on the great pictures!

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