Jaguars Wind Sprints: The First Step of Zen Season

Let the catharsis begin. Well in truth it actually started yesterday but a little less than 24 hours after the Jaguars loss to the Vikings I am channeling sentiment through the written word. Frankly there is no real catalyst to do so; rather a curiosity to see what comes out.

This season is my case study in how to approach Jaguars football. Limit outside sources and more personal interpretation of events. The “paid experts” are not necessarily authoritative. Sure they can break down the game tape better (in some instances) but their opinion of the analysis has shown to be sorely lacking. In fact, I prefer ECStoner on Twitter for analysis.

Part of the enjoyment simply cannot be tied to ESPN, NFL Network or any other institution. If others want to fight the disinformation so be it. All easier said than done.

With Aerosmith’s “Toys in the Attic” echoing off the walls of my study I dive in!

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