Considering Rick Perry’s New Political Ad

Politics and religion are two things I did not want to directly discuss or debate on this blog. I am an Agnostic/Absurdist, married to a Christian. My son leans more towards my word view while my daughter towards my wives. I have  friends ranging from Left leaning Atheist to Right leaning evangelical. I donate my money and time to Christian causes and even volunteer at our church (CrossRoad) in areas that will not compromise my beliefs nor require the church to compromise its “body”.

I give this biographical information to frame my comments within a life which is not isolated to ideas consistent with mine. My respect for those with faith is well-known by my friends. When one sincerely believes in a system that makes an appeal to a greater power and can ascribe to its dogma, it is a comfort and can inspire them to greater things. However, efforts like those of Perry I find extremely counterproductive to not only our society but humanity in general.

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