Jaguars Wind Sprints: You Earn It

I read a review of Blaine Gabbert prior to the opening game against the Minnesota Vikings. In a nut shell the writer claimed Gabbert would be a bust, thereby closing the casket on the body of hope. My contention was that the writer was basing his evaluation solely on last season and on his direct experience of following the Missouri quarterback through college.

The scope of his analysis is not relevant. He took the position, made it public and thereby was open to criticism from those who might read it. After week one my Twitter feed was silent. However, last night I get a tweet stating “Hey, how was Gabbert today? I know, I know…. We don’t know what we’re talking about… Ha.”


This is a perfect example of what grinds my gears. It is a key element of what strips credibility from any writer or blogger. Do not hide behind internet anonymity when the evidence is against you and then prairie dog someone’s timeline/inbox/message board when the performance favors you. Be man enough to earn your accolades and your rebukes.

So here we sit, just 24 hours past a beating so bad all meat and poultry in my refrigerator was tenderized and my eggs were scrambled. Many of us, myself included, bemoaned the preseason power rankings which placed our beloved Jaguars at or near the number 32. Look, we can make the argument the team is injured but rankings do not care what your reason is for why you are. Take a long hard look at where the teams stand at this point in the season and be honest with yourself. What have the Jaguars earned and be man enough to accept it. The rankings are not personal.

But I have to ask, why are you still looking at power rankings!? To each his own. Let’s sprint!

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