Living Room Concert

Welcome to the first ever Change-Can living room concert! Merging a love for music with a passion for ensuring we do not waste our food supply, and thanks to Chris Gandy and David Bazan for the inspiration, Saturday the 9th of June be our official event. What makes this even more exciting is that we can showcase some of the local musical talent here in Jacksonville, FL. Our first performer is C.J. Fluharty, a long time friend and talented singer/song writer. He is a music director at Southside Baptist Church and has performed at a variety of venues throughout the southeast.

CJ Fluharty

It is with great thanks that C.J. is offering himself for no fee in an effort to help generate donations for these two great organizations: Waste Not Want Not and Society of St. Andrew. For more information on these groups see the PDF flyer below. What you need to know up front is that they are both committed to ensuring those in need do not go hungry and food is not wasted.

Below are some important bullet items. If you would like to help with any food items I will gladly accept your donations. Money, food…what more can I give this guy? 🙂

  • Charitable organizations Society of St. Andrew and Waste Not Want Not.
  • There will be information as to what your donations will be used for. Not yet confirmed are representatives from each of our charitable organizations.
  • I am trying to limit the head count to 50 based on available space but we may see about making room for more folks.
  • Please bring something comfortable and compact to sit on. Seating will be limited.
  • I will need you to RSVP so we can plan on food, parking and space.

If you have any questions please contact me via or via Facebook and twitter. Thank you for your interest!

change can flyer

Courtesy of Tina Greeley

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