Everlasting Love

Build a Dean

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s genuine and everlasting. Nowadays, it’s harder for people to have a genuine love for a person. We are living in a century where divorce is common and it’s easy to find a couple that don’t actually even like each other. People are happier to settle down with someone as opposed to actually finding a person they love with all their heart. Romance is a concept that has been less important throughout recent centuries. The days of heartfelt romantic dinners, dates and gestures have been replaced with Starbucks and Nando’s dates along with alcoholic nights out and one night stands.

One love I have been privileged to witness is my grandparents. It makes me feel better to know that everlasting love does actually exist, even though it’s through the eyes of an older generation. This was complemented by the 60th wedding anniversary they…

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