What is Christian-Anarchy, Micky?

Anarchy is not simply an idea grounded in chaos. Rather it’s an idea grounded in how we coexist apart from hierarchical powers. While best intentioned the history of the Christian church is rich with oppressive and coercive actions and dogma. At face value combining “Christian” with “Anarchist” might seem irrational. But look beyond our Western ideas of liberty as something achieved through laws and property. You can then see anarchy as something elemental to Jesus’ teachings. Additionally it’s an idea that someone like myself, a non-theist, can embrace. Remove the myth of divinity and there is a story to be told, and one accessible to all people.

micky dewitt


About four years ago I stumbled upon Christian Anarchy. I was in the midst of rebuilding my Faith and found a lot of contradictions with trying to merge my faith with my political voice. The word ‘anarchy’ tends to scare some people, so let me explain a bit more about what this is and why I have come to adopt this way of living.

Christian Anarchists believe in the Kingdom in which Jesus spoke and taught about. We find these teachings in the New Testament in which the Kingdom is described predominantly by the Sermon on The Mount (Matthew 5-7, Luke 6), but not to be isolated to those passages alone. In fact, it is my understanding that the entire New Testament is pointing us towards the Kingdom which is antithetical to any other form of “power”. From Jesus we see the apostles writing, preaching, and sharing this Kingdom way…

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