It is NOT Okay

As noted by the author in the comments section, this was written as a call to Christian’s based on their source of morality. This should not be interpreted as a claim that a Christian’s source is necessarily superior to others. She makes it clear that decency, as humans, is not exclusive to any system of belief. As an agnostic/atheist I could not agree more with this position. Furthermore it is disingenuous for anyone to hold the position that the actions of the leader are somehow marginalized by their platform. It calls that person into question who can use language which is necessarily condescending as a means of elevating themselves.

Bread on Our Journey

 An interesting read. Thank you for this helpful reminder!  -RevJule

I can no longer hide behind the flag of “I don’t want to be political” rather I have to state the obvious and say, “This is not about politics. This is about human decency a…

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