What I bought.

Smart Wool Headband – $19.35

What I did.

Came home from work and did some 4:20. Very excited to see where Skype for Business on mobile devices is being led. I spent all of last year prepping for expanding our instant messaging platform to the mobile space. Now were going beyond simple IM and presence. Video. Audio. Wi-fi audio.

The obstacle is the path. I refuse to deviate from this.

The soreness from last night is finding it’s way into my muscles. Good. I deserve it. So tonight I’m vegging. The wife is working a bit late so she’ll grab some Outback and we’ll enjoy Blacklist.

I’m powering through multiple posts today (Friday) because I became immersed in the negativity of “why”. Why am I writing this again? Why do I feel any need to share this? Why am I not doing this privately? Why am I not doing this a nightly routine?

The obstacle is the path.

The routine thing, again. But that’s what this is for. Finding the flaws in the reasoning and fixing it. Finding the ambiguity of the trail and building a cairn. My friend Philip shared how he started designating days for what his workout will be. Boom. If behavior is to be changed it must be managed. Like controlling a river the flow must be damned in order to direct the force of flow. Damned means two things.

The obstacle is the path.

So after one week of this new habit I’ve discovered the following:

  1. I must get to sleep at a decent hour.
  2. I must get up no later than 6 am.
  3. I must be happy when I do not meet expectations.
  4. I must document what I spend rather than trying to remember it.
  5. I must make a plan for the week.

I forgot to add that I walked my dog yesterday. My wife and daughter the dogs today. I sure am glad I posted Two Tuesday Quotes.

If someone is reading this I sure hope you had a great day. And if you didn’t I hope you can reflect upon the day and find something great about it.

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