What I bought.

Lunch – $8

What I did.

I’m not reading. I’m not listening to audio books. I’m not doing well with this transition from vacation and holiday season to 2016. Thankfully today is personal trainer day. Sadly the weather here in Jacksonville is more like Seattle. It’s cold. It’s raining. And I’m going to exercise.

Smart choice. Today our trainer, Lisa, focused on a nice four station routine. We had eight minutes per station, with four exercises to perform w/in the time frame. Four minutes in the ski cap was off. 10 minutes in the gloves were off. A strong dose of core and cardio, and while I fully expect to feel sore on Friday I approached every exercise with a focus on technique. It’s times like this when I’m reminded of all the wasted years spent training in the gym. With no desire to ever be a body builder my weight lifting regiment was not something that was consistent with my fitness goals. Trust me. If you were to look at me you’d be asking how much and how often I lifted. The past three years have been spent dealing with back/shoulder pain (and of course I sought no medical help) so whatever gains I had were depleted. But I’m not here to discuss my present physical appearance, nor speak to what I’ve trained for the past 20 or so years. My pedestrian advice is four-fold.

  1. Know what you’re training for. If it’s simply recreational then find a way to get fit outdoors. Enjoy the scenery and the company. Gyms suck, but they are nice to have around. But there is enough outside to keep you busy, and get you strong.
  2. Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition. There’s a reason why any and all fitness folks press this point. It doesn’t mean starving yourself with a diet, but rather it’s a matter of being mindful of your intake and then working off what you put in. Stay away from processed food and added sugar. Gospel.
  3. One is a lonely number. So here’s the caveat to that. When I’m trail running I love my music/audio book. But when I’m done I prefer someone to share the experience with. You don’t have to talk while your working out, but simply being in the presence of other people can be motivating and emotionally/mentally healthy.
  4. Fun should be fitness. Paddle boards. Kayaks. Spartan races. See where I’m going?

I brought lunch. But damn it if I didn’t get hooked by Muscle Milk and coconut water.

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