What I bought.

Dinner w/my wife – $87

What I did.

Good day at the office. Well, my study. Followed up on a request to repurpose Lync 2010 servers for my effort to build out Lync 2013 Enterprise and upgrade to Skype for Business 2015. Process at the Bank has become very, how should I say this, like walking blind through a burning forest. You can feel where you should and shouldn’t go, but the heat is all around you so you’re more reacting to falling timber. But there are good people, with admirable work ethics, so the community helps alleviate the heat. I also solidified the gleaning date and now it’s a matter of finding a couple of properties we can leverage. The great thing about my contact within the Bank is that she was looking for something different for this international team builder. She appears to have an outdoor spirit so when she saw my event on the Bank’s calendar for the 4th Annual Jacksonville Citrus harvest at month’s end she saw an opportunity to both build people and the community. She further mentioned she’d like to make this an annual event.

Never forget good people will find good news and want to be part of spreading it.

My trip to my insurance was both informative and entertaining. We covered life, auto and home. It had been so long between visits that I sat for at least an hour just absorbing the policy reviews. It is so important to meet, I believe annually, in order to understand what changes are in store for the coming year. I would also recommend asking questions about the history of the insurance industry. One tidbit I learned was how, up to the 1940’s, banks in New York managed every aspect of whatever stood for home owner’s insurance (this is a nuanced statement that I haven’t fact checked, but I trust my source). The depth to what presented itself as insurance was like stacking blocks, so when changes were made to package insurance it really changed how American’s dealt with insurance. I need to read some books on this subject.

I also had a short and civil discussion with a friend on Facebook regarding the Affordable Care Act and whether financial or physical suffering should be a concern when enacting such a law. He didn’t agree with my question, fairly noting I shouldn’t paint it as a decision between only these two items considering quality of care is also at play. I didn’t disagree with him, but I did note such a concern is secondary to how we decide. For example, quality of care can be different based on whether we consider how we act to be a question of money or suffering. The question is who gets the lower quality of care, those in need or those with the means to overcome a higher cost. At base it’s a question of how we approach suffering. Is our decision utilitarian? Is it a question of social justice? His framing of it as painting it narrowly I didn’t agree with.

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