What I bought.

  • Kindle screen – $30.98
  • Ruffwear harness – $39.95
  • Gas – $30.62

What I did.

First day back at work in the new year. Spent a good part of the day listening to sports talk radio and working through my email. Started planning gleaning event for a group having a team builder in Jacksonville next week. This pushed the work day closer to 6 pm than I would have liked though it still gave me gym time. Unfortunately my daughter fell ill and I spent an hour or so tending to her needs. By the time my wife came home at 8 pm I had missed my opportunity to sweat. We did some Friends binge watching while we shared our day, and I also caught up with the Oregon crisis.

Tomorrow should be more productive as we meet with our insurance agent. I’m not fully adjusted to the winter weather with the wind and cold pushing me closer to static. I’m also a bit bent I haven’t invested any time in reading articles beyond sports and current events.

The highlights of my day were a friend sharing a link to the Best 23 Netflix Movies You Haven’t Watched, along with me getting an update on 13 Books to Read Before They Become Movies. I won’t read most, if any of the books, but it did remind me to seek out books to add to my ever growing list. Now the movies…I’ll watch those. Of the list there are three I had planned on watching years ago, but never did: We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Kids Are All Right and Life in a Day. Full disclosure I’ve seen none of the 23.


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