2016 – Three Days In

What I bought.

1. 3-Jan-2016…nothing.
2. 2-Jan-2016…smoothie for my daughter from Native Sun, just under $6, ticket to Star Wars $8.50 and coffee from Starbuck $2.18.
3. 1-Jan-2016…nothing.

What I did.

Mostly watched football, though on Sunday I did clean the kitchen, bedroom and did laundry (not the Friends version of “laundry). Walked the dog for 2 miles on 1-Jan-2016, and 5 miles on 2-Jan-2016. Rained on 3-Jan-2016 so we stayed in. Could I have done better with my time? Absolutely. On Saturday, 2-Jan-2016, I committed to soccer and college football. On Friday, 1-Jan-2016, it was also college football. Interspersed was recreational reading of current events and philosophy, along with the audio books “The Life We Bury” and “The Way We Eat”.

Let’s just call the first three days somewhat of a final binge. The Spring semester at the University of North Florida starts this week, and while I only have one class it is an independent study. This is because I’ll be doing some serious engineering of our mobile solution at work.

What I will be doing (I was going to type “hope to do” but that is not a positive statement) is tracking my daily activities and spending. I’m thinking to also track food waste, but just mine. I can’t be accountable to my families habits and frankly this isn’t about them. Daily activities will include, but are not limited to, exercise, reading and television.

Why am I doing this? Four reasons. First, thanks to “The Obstacle is the Way” I was motivated to move beyond my reactionary lifestyle. This isn’t an indictment of how I’ve lived, but both the book and hiking Katahdin’s Knife Edge made clear to me I am missing a certain quality of life by not planning and documenting. This is my public attempt to honor a degree of self-monitoring through blind accountability. By blind I mean any unknown internet participant who may happen across this site. I want to work on self-improvement through self-reflection.

Second, I want to work on my writing. Although this is nothing near writing a philosophy paper (I’m in graduate school for applied ethics) it is something that will hopefully allow me to work on articulating ideas and formulating thoughts. I won’t only be writing about what I’ve done, but as a friend once told me writing is habit.

Third, and it’s really an extension of the first reason, I want to journal 2016. To see how I honored my commitment to train for a Spartan Super, not be wasteful of time/money/food and improve upon my quality of life by spending more time learning than reacting to events (or watching TV). Those are but a few elements. There is a website, My Morning Routine, where successful people share what they do to start their day. Many of them have expressed the importance of writing down what you do in order to learn from it. I think I’ve probably exhausted my ability to operate off memory.

Lastly, writing is something I’ve been told I’m good at, but something I’ve not really given myself to. In honesty I’ve lived a relatively safe life. By that I mean if effort, serious effort, was required I probably sought the path of least resistance. Going back to Knife Edge, that experience was a life or death choice. What this man from Florida did, as one who lacked any training in this terrain, was an example to myself of what skills have been accumulated over the years of outdoor activities. More importantly was the competitive side of me which caused me such focus. I want to find that again, but I want to find it in the daily decisions I make. The short version of this: one day I’d like to make money from writing. Maybe it is educational curriculum. Maybe it is research or stories. I just know there is an envelope I need to push. I need to reach the ditch of failure and leap over it.

Or maybe this is all about the Fitbit Charge HR I was given for Christmas. Simple tracking.

One down.

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