North Florida Music – January and February Concerts

It was a long trail which has ended in the realization that Facebook, for me, is a failed experiment. While traffic to this site may not serve as a change for the better, it will at least afford a static means of sharing my concert plans. No timeline!!!

With that said, these are my goals for the first two months of 2014. Those for which tickets have already been purchased will be designated accordingly. Hopefully those in the vicinity of these events can attend.

Of note, these are simply bands I have designated on my calendar. Many worthy bands are scheduled (Against Me! for example).


9th: David Mayfield Parade – Underbelly Live ($5)

30th: Yonder Mountain String Band – Freebird Live ($25)

31st: Steep Canyon Rangers – Ponte Vedra Concert Hall ($34 and $26) TICKETS IN HAND



3rd: Queens of the Stone Age – Florida Theatre ($47.20)

13th: Shovels and Rope – Jack Rabbits ($15)

19th: Young the Giant – Mavericks ($22)

23rd: Drag the River – Raindogs



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