Jaguars Wind Sprints: All Apologies

What else should I be? All apologies

What else could I say? Everyone is gay

What else could I write? I don’t have the right

What else should I be? All apologies

– Kurt Cobain

You know that feeling just after a hurricane. The destruction is in full view but the air feels different. Every inhale is clean and pure. There is no weight on your skin as you stand amidst the crisp realm of being. This is what all Jacksonville Jaguars fans are presently consumed by. With today’s dismissal of GM Gene Smith, who by all accounts is a good person, means the long standing reign of terror is over.


While the devastation Gene left behind cannot be held to the standard of the Girondins and Jacobins, one could argue that his failure to field a competitive team has left a fan base mired in the agonizing debate over Tim Tebow. It would not be fair to call this a bullet item for which the Jaguars community is divided, rather it is something keeps that vocal minority alive by giving them a need for a savior. And when you are suffering you will grasp at anything which presents itself as means of alleviating suffering, even if said hope is more of a mirage.

So, with the metaphorical pull of a virtual trigger the fun begins. Who to draft? Should we find a replacement for Blaine Gabbert? Will Mike Mularkey remain and who will be the new GM? What do we do with Darryl Smith, Terrance Knighton and Derek Cox? Ready your arrogance and load up your dictionary of insults. There is so much offseason to contend with you do not want to tire yourself out. But check that emergency first-aid bag for your “I’m sorry” because at some point you will find the passion has gotten to you and upon reflection it will be all you have to salvage your dignity.

I wonder what everyone involved with the 2-14 Jaguars are thinking when it comes to explaining what happened. I like what Terrance Knighton tweeted:

Thanks to all the fans regardless of record for sticking through it.

While not a direct apology there is a hidden mea culpa which itself is an indirect “I’m sorry”. I know this team has apologized repeatedly all season and we, the fans, have deserved it. Make whatever argument you want: financial, entertainment, time…they all are sufficient and if we cannot get wins then at the very least let’s get an acknowledgement you have failed us. There is no one person who should own the collective sincere abbitte. Put a video on with each player and coach looking directly into the recorder. Start with the new guys and end with the most tenured, because that would be Gene and since the buck stops with the GM so should the final admission of failure.

If you have been on Twitter during any Jaguars game this year you know how cathartic the community has been. From disappointment to anger to comedic acceptance, the thousands of us stood shoulder to shoulder, bitching and cheering at the same time. Though tasteless and unfilling, with no chances for redemption through victories, all that we are left with is apologies.

I even have some. Jump.

  • I am sorry for the harsh criticism of anyone who pegged the Jaguars as at best a 4 win team. While prognostication has many variables to it, and this team could be a 5 or 6 win team, the truth remains they are not and therefore I acknowledge your accuracy.
  • I am sorry not keeping up with this little column. There are a handful of you who take solace or are entertained by the musings under the “Wind Sprints” heading. At times ideas popped in but when it came to allocating time I found it just did not matter. I am always grateful for any readership and there simply is no excuse for not fighting through the writers block.
  • I am sorry for doubting my son’s assertion that Justin Blackmon was a good draft pick. While there is still some doubt that he has the head and the discipline to build off his rookie season (Reggie Nelson anyone?), any correlation to Matt Jones or Reggie Williams can be put to rest.
  • I am sorry for the early hostility towards those who wrote articles that Blaine Gabbert is a bust. My argument still stands that your opinions for the most part were not based on anything recent but I could have handled it better.
  • Whenever the Chad Henne propaganda machine is ready to apologize I’m all ears. Yes I’m talking to you national media folks and bloggers. Remind me again how much better he would be if given a chance?
  • Speaking of Henne, he pulled his best David Garrard impression this past Sunday. Not sure what I’m referring to? Follow this link to be reminded of the horror that was the 2006 game in Nashville.
  • Ever wonder how past Jaguars are doing? Justin Durant was 2nd in tackles for the Detroit Lions. Deji Karim leads the Indianapolis Colts with a 36.4 return average including a TD this past weekend.
  • One thing I do not need to apologize for is my staunch position that Andre Branch was not a difference maker. Doing well against preseason second string players is not a recipe for success.
  • For the record, the Jaguars should draft Jarvis Jones. Be warned, if you try to argue that Geno Smith is worth a high draft pick I will make ever effort to Baker Act you.
  • I was wrong about Jake Locker but there is hope with that Christian Ponder kid.
  • Give me John Oehser over Vic Ketchman any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  • The Tebow barrage will get worse before it gets better. For everyone who wants to throw Pittsburgh and the New York Jets games in my face, go look at the Buffalo, Kansas City, New England, Chicago, Miami and San Diego games. If Denver had to come from behind to beat bad teams it begs the question why they were not dominant for the majority of the game. You don’t just get to claim “victory” as the whole story.
  • Possibly the lowest point of the season was participating in a Paul Kuharsky Thursday AFC South chat and watching Jaguars fans berate Paul for not putting Brian Anger on his All AFC South team. Really? We have sunk so slow to get bent over the omission of a punter?
  • So many failures to point out but this will be my only observation on the whole season. Jaguars were outscored 77-53 in then third quarter. Five times they held the opponent scoreless while they were held scoreless eight times. In the last five games of the season they were outscored in the third quarter 43-0.
  • In closing I would be remiss if there was not a review of my Rating System post earlier this season. Missed on New England (R), December Titans game (PG-13), home Colts game (G), 2nd Texans game (X) and at Packers (R). Which further validates that I should never be trusted with gambling or draft advice.

Have a safe and happy New Year. Please do not drink and drive.

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