Jaguars Wind Sprints: You Earn It

I read a review of Blaine Gabbert prior to the opening game against the Minnesota Vikings. In a nut shell the writer claimed Gabbert would be a bust, thereby closing the casket on the body of hope. My contention was that the writer was basing his evaluation solely on last season and on his direct experience of following the Missouri quarterback through college.

The scope of his analysis is not relevant. He took the position, made it public and thereby was open to criticism from those who might read it. After week one my Twitter feed was silent. However, last night I get a tweet stating “Hey, how was Gabbert today? I know, I know…. We don’t know what we’re talking about… Ha.”


This is a perfect example of what grinds my gears. It is a key element of what strips credibility from any writer or blogger. Do not hide behind internet anonymity when the evidence is against you and then prairie dog someone’s timeline/inbox/message board when the performance favors you. Be man enough to earn your accolades and your rebukes.

So here we sit, just 24 hours past a beating so bad all meat and poultry in my refrigerator was tenderized and my eggs were scrambled. Many of us, myself included, bemoaned the preseason power rankings which placed our beloved Jaguars at or near the number 32. Look, we can make the argument the team is injured but rankings do not care what your reason is for why you are. Take a long hard look at where the teams stand at this point in the season and be honest with yourself. What have the Jaguars earned and be man enough to accept it. The rankings are not personal.

But I have to ask, why are you still looking at power rankings!? To each his own. Let’s sprint!

  • I hope the Texans taunt us with 117 like we taunted the Colts with 375. That Jaguars fans had the gall to posture up with a stat, while impressive, that was so irrelevant in the grand scheme of things was embarrassing. It would be like Japan heckling the United States with “Pearl Harbor” after the atom bomb was dropped.
  • Thank you Mother Nature for that late second quarter shower just as the Texans got the ball back. I was absolutely convinced Houston was going to score right before the half until all got wet.
  • Of course she came right back to start the third quarter to give us bright sunlight as the boys drove down for their only score. Temptress. Immediately after, the horns gutted the cat with a 9+ minute drive.
  • So Christian Ponder looked good against the Colts. So the Colts beat the Vikings. I guess losing the way they did was not enough. This is as bad as it gets.
  • Sorry…the Dolphins won, Bills won and Brandon Weeden looked sharp.
  • Mike Mularkey said he was impressed with Herb Taylor and that Mike Brewster did not see snaps in case there was an injury to Brad Meester. Really? I will take your word for it coach. This alone may frame the offensive hole this team presently is in.
  • A polite memo to the person working the musical selection at EverBank. With Houston dominating the first half and the rain starting to fall, selecting a song with the lyrics “I want to get away, I want to fly away” was probably not the best choice to get the fans excited.
  • If you missed the AM690 post game interviews (and you did not see my tweet on it), here is Jeremy Mincey’s locker room attitude: “I didn’t resign with the Jaguars to be a loser.” Hard to question his commitment.
  • Tackling – seizing, grasping or bringing down. Maybe we could chant this at the next home game.
  • Speaking of the next home game, need I remind you it is September 30th? The Cincinnati Bengals are coming to town. Fred Taylor is being inducted into the Pride of the Jaguars. When Tony Boselli was inducted back in 2006 the Jaguars ended a two game skid by beating the New York Jets 41-0. Is it not worth being hopeful that this team and fan base could be in a completely different place by getting wins over the next two weeks?
  • No matter what we will always have Jaxson DeVille. Seeing him in that unitard with flowing hair was much-needed.
  • The criticism on Justin Blackmon coming out of the draft was that he was not a burner. He looked like he was wearing red and blue for most of the game.
  • You know when you believe something so strongly but if no one else notices it you think you might be wrong, or crazy? Well thankfully the boys at 1010XL commented on the same thing that drove me nearly insane yesterday…where were the intermediate plays between the hashes? Maybe it was because of the offensive line challenges. Do not know. Would like to.
  • Whistle! Throw it deep! Whistle! Throw it deep! Are you kidding me?! Whistle! Are you kidding me?! I need a beer! Those were the non-diapason sounds flowing from the woman behind me. Thankfully it was complimented by the “We got rid of Garrard for this terrible rookie” and “We could have had Tebow”. I do not think I earned this!
  • Mike Bianchi=Jerry Springer
  • <Stands on homer soap box> I want Johnathan Franklin in teal and black!!! </Steps down>
  • For anyone who thinks what Greg Schiano did to Tom Coughlin was bush league (ok, so he did not do it directly to him) are you also someone who complains when someone lays down a bunt in the eight inning against a pitcher throwing a perfect game? Remember back in 2001 when Diamondbacks Curt Schilling was tossing a gem and Padres Ben Davis laid down a bunt in a 3-0 game? Unwritten rules are not rules. I get that it is “expected” to just accept the kneel down and I know why Tom was pissed but Greg simply reminded everyone there is a reason why you have to snap the football as opposed to just letting the clock run.
  • Surely this is not an original thought but the down side of the fourth quarter bell is obvious. It was as if the ringing was an invitation to officially begin mourning the team, if not the season.
  • Ok, that was a bit too dramatic.
  • If I told you Tyson Alualu had 6 solo tackles and one for a loss would you believe me? I have not watched the game tape but from the stands I did not see much from him. In fact the entire middle of the line seemed a great place to run if you were a Houston back.
  • Donnie Jones: 6 punts, 49.8 yard avg and a long of 58. Brian Anger: 9 punts (dear god), 51.3 yard avg and a long of 60. Jones was drafted in 2004 by the Seattle Seahawks in the seventh round. Just an observation.
  • Thankfully the linebacker was turned around on Blaine’s touchdown pass to Maurice Jones-Drew. That ball could very easily have been picked.
  • So what did you do post game? Yard work? Is there an area of Jacksonville with no trees?
  • But it was not so let’s celebrate it! I know it is not easy but find something good from yesterday and just meditate on that.
  • Oh yeah…and there are 14 more weeks left before we can, with any accuracy and confidence, define where this team is.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Soren Kierkegaard

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