Jaguars Wind Sprints: The First Step of Zen Season

Let the catharsis begin. Well in truth it actually started yesterday but a little less than 24 hours after the Jaguars loss to the Vikings I am channeling sentiment through the written word. Frankly there is no real catalyst to do so; rather a curiosity to see what comes out.

This season is my case study in how to approach Jaguars football. Limit outside sources and more personal interpretation of events. The “paid experts” are not necessarily authoritative. Sure they can break down the game tape better (in some instances) but their opinion of the analysis has shown to be sorely lacking. In fact, I prefer ECStoner on Twitter for analysis.

Part of the enjoyment simply cannot be tied to ESPN, NFL Network or any other institution. If others want to fight the disinformation so be it. All easier said than done.

With Aerosmith’s “Toys in the Attic” echoing off the walls of my study I dive in!

  • May I start this off sharing the joy still bubbling from Saturday’s UCLA/Nebraska game!? I do not know if this is a sign of great things for the Jim Mora Jr. led Bruins, or if the Cornhuskers are not who we thought they were, but after years of pedestrian football I will take what I can get. It also served as a salve for the Jaguars loss.
  • Thankfully I waited to publish this. Alfie Crow at Big Cat Country shared the Pro Football Focus analysis of Eugene Monroe vs. Jared Allen and it was a thunderstorm of praise for Jacksonville’s left tackle. Citing the article Monroe was “perfect in pass protection”. Considering the more than handful of plays I saw during the preseason in which Eugene would bend too much at the hips or was slow to react to defensive line play, this news is a welcomed take away from Sunday.
  • Sticking with the offensive line, and I am not writing this in a mean tone, but some of you fans need to breathe deep and get perspective. How many injuries is this team dealing with and what do you really expect of a team that trots out Guy Whimper (no offense Guy, you do a much better job than I ever could)? That Blaine Gabbert actually had time to be successful and MJD had holes to run through is a testament to how well they did perform. Yes there are areas of improvement but I would be more bothered if this was the best we could put out there.
  • I put this out on Twitter but it is worth repeating. For anyone using Gabbert’s miss to Justin Blackmon on 3rd down on the Jaguars first drive of the game, might I suggest you watch Green Bay vs. San Francisco?  Aaron Rodgers missed on some fairly easy throws as well. In fact it happens to the best of the best. Quit looking for reasons to blame Blaine.
  • Cecil, can you make this a habit?
  • If time was not an issue (nor money) I would hunt down everyone who suggested we trade MJD for Tim Tebow and force them to watch the Bills vs. Jets game over and over and over again. Then I would make them watch the Broncos vs. Steelers game over and over and over again. There is a reason why Tebow is not a starting quarterback in the NFL and there is a reason why MJD believes he should be paid more. I am not saying I agree with his holdout but it sure was nice to have him in there when Rashad Jennings went down.
  • While David Akers’ 63 yard field goal was itself amazing, what really got my attention was the “bonk” off the cross-bar. While perusing my Twitter timeline that clarity and volume of the sound nearly knocked me out of my chair. Mind you I am no audiophile so my surround sound speakers are not top grade. The goal post microphone must have been right where that football hit. I swear the sound is still vibrating off the walls of my house.
  • So will we be lamenting kick coverage for the entire year?
  • You know what I do not see in Andre Branch: The defensive end we have needed for the past 12 years. He did not shine in the preseason and was grossly unimpressive yesterday. There is no need to compare him to ends of the past but my first impression was not positive.
  • Hey John Clayton, your arrow is pointing down! Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill, Kevin Kolb/John Skelton, Russell Wilson and Ryan Fitzpatrick certainly failed to show up as better than your 32nd rated, arrow down, Gabbert. More entertaining is your omission of his play from your Week 1 article. Thanks for the MJD blurb but Blaine more than earned some form of mea culpa on your part.
  • And Clayton’s showering of Andrew Luck as “competitive” is confusing. He threw 3 interceptions but apparently the 309 passing yards more than makes up for it. This is why we need consistency in our evaluation standards. That sound you hear is my head repeatedly meeting my desk.
  • The best part of NFL game day (not the show) is how productive it makes me. The anticipation was so turgid that I cleaned house pre-game and knocked out yard work post-game. Of course losing facilitates a need to “release the Kraken”.
  • Let me place my soap box down for a moment. Do all of us on Twitter a favor and when the Jaguars lose go do something else for about 15 minutes. The world is a better place if irrational venting is done in private. Not doing so prompts others to engage you in shared sentiment or vicious ridicule. And yes I could just not follow these people but at some point the get re-Tweeted so there is nowhere hide. Heck, go do yard work!
  • Big thanks to Duval_Jag for sharing the Tweet of the Jaguars fan from Texas who profanely insulted Gabbert then went further into the gutter complaining about being blocked by Blaine. Needed that laugh.
  • Another steal from my post-game Tweeting:  pre-game local radio + no pre-game TV + no post-game anything = sanity.
  • I forget who expressed it on the Jaguars pre-game show on AM 690 (Brian Sexton maybe) but his animated rant against the AP’s NFL power poll was beautiful. It made me commit to ignoring every one of them for the duration of this season. What purpose does it serve other than to stimulate conversation? And if you read the comment section or listen to radio, the conversation is rarely edifying.
  • Maybe we should just discuss them over beers in person.
  • What a blessing it was to see Marcedes Lewis find the end zone. I do not know how many opportunities he will have as his blocking prowess will be much needed. And god love you Zach Potter but blocking is not your strong suit.
  • I am very, very, very, very, very worried about Tyson Alualu being all that he can be.
  • While Adam Stites at Big Cat Country told me he did not mean it to be funny, this had both my son and me laughing: “If there was a way that the Jaguars could find a more spectacular way to wrench a fan’s heart out, they’d be hard pressed to find one.” It’s funny because after years of thinking they have turned the corner only to be dragged back into the abyss at some point your only option is to forge ahead and laugh at the insanity.
  • Sure is nice to have football back. One of the things that the family can share together.

Perfect time to stop. My son just walked in with lunch from Native Sun: turkey wrap and Steaz energy drink!

I guess I still do enjoy it. Maybe the purpose in writing will be to remain mindful and of even temperament.

Try to find the positive people!

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”

 -Mark Twain

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