Throwing Myself Into Committment

Sprint triathlons are something I look forward to every summer. My friends and I try to participate in at least one of the many offerings here in North Florida. The two we have historically participated in are the Montaya BFAST Tri Series and the DRC Sports Jax Tri Series. Usually the BFAST is our destination due to proximity and stellar catering. That they adjusted the bike route to go through the Nocatee Pkwy is reason enough reason to register. Unfortunately swimming is our weakest discipline and we rarely enjoyed the ocean swim at Micklers Landing (where the BFAST event is held) due to a choppier conditions. The DRC event used to be held up at Little Tablot Island and while the run was miserable due to an open black top road that cooks you, the swim was much flatter and considerably more welcoming to the less seasoned swimmer.

So this year I threw myself into the fire and forced my training by signing up for the entire DRC series which afforded me a decent discount. My past philosophy has always been that if you pay for it your more likely to train for it. Sadly three weeks removed from dishing out the cash I find myself with limited bike time, even less running and no swimming. Trust me when I tell you that even a 1/4 swim with no pool time is daunting if not stupid.

My friend Philip Hughes got the bug last year and signed up for the BFAST series with a very small preparation window. The first event’s swim reminded him just how much of that water endurance is lost because swimming is not something incorporated into our lifestyle. Jumping on his motivation I signed up for the next two events, with pool work an integral part of our weekly schedule. Still, like him my window was small and those first few salt water strokes forced me to incorporate a high degree of mental strength to trust my ability and not bail.

June 23rd is this year’s zero hour and while that is a good two months away, three weeks is too much time for the casual athlete. The primary motivation of signing up for all three events is to track your progress and hopefully to leverage the event as a gateway to the Amelia Man Olympic Triathlon, a goal we have failed to attain for too long. In an effort to accelerate my conditioning I have given myself once again to Tony Horton’s P90x. The DVDs have been in my possession for I believe 4 years. The first attempt at them found me 45 days in before strained hamstrings sidelined. Since then there has been an occasional challenge, and my body speaks louder than my words, but my fitness regiment has never been that intense. If I can finish the half-marathon, trail run or sprint triathlon without hospitalization then winner me.

I will be complimenting the “X” with bike work and swimming. Due to an Achilles ligament injury the ground pounding will be almost non-existent, which makes the “X” almost necessary. Having only started two days ago, which means chest/back and plyometrics, the soreness is a blessing and motivation is high. Is not drowning enough to demand the needed fitness when your wave first hits the water?

While my preference would be to do this quietly, how better to force accountability than by making failure public. More importantly, how motivational might it be to show success. Remember, if this guy can swim/bike/run so can you.

8 months of doing nothing then maybe a month of training before the event and I look like it.

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